Janla Oy - Metal in Wholesale

JanLa Oy is a building sheet metals wholesale company. We are specialized in servicing tinsmiths and professional builders with colour coated and galvanized sheet metal products.

Our basic products are flat sheets, strips, coils and ready profiled standing seam panels. Our large product offer, stock and modern production lines guarantee a fast and flexible service to our clients. We refine our sheet metals in stock to products according to our clients' needs and specifications.

We stock several different colours, which we deliver in the amounts required.

We use the raw material of one of Europe's leading producers SSAB Tunnplåt's guarantee products.

Fast and flexible deliveries

Our large assortment of products in stock guarantees availability and fast deliveries. When needed we can ship the products on the same day when ordered. In addition, we deliver sheet metal products in specified colours and measures to our clients, and we deliver them in any quantity.